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So I want to create sound sequencer in flash with as3.

Can someone point me in the right direction. I guess I would need to use some sort of array with all the sounds, then on enterframe I would check my grid, with ticked boxes and play the sound if it is ticked and playhead is over the particular piece on a grid....

Here's the screenshot of what Im trying to make.

enter image description here

Some pseudo code, link to tutorial or just advice would be much appreciated.


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There is 100 different ways to achieve the above result, firstly i would proberly have all the sound files in an array then you could use a hittest function.

so if the playheadMovieClip touches current DrumMovieclip ,play sound. This way its easy to control the tempo aswell by controlling playheadMovieClip.x +=1 or +=2.

I wouldnt use an Enterframe function other than to load the sounds and graphics.

If you need help with it upload your grid somewhere and i will add some code for you.

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cool, I'll try that –  fjckls Mar 19 '12 at 7:05

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