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I have a form which contains some rows, each has a checkbox in the leading. User can select some of them, then press "delete selected rows" button to submit.

The posted data looks like:


I want to get them in action, my code is:

def delete = Action { implicit request =>
      errors => BadRequest, 
      ids => {
         println(ids)    // (!)
         for(id<-ids) deleteRow(id)

But I found the ids was always List(), an empty List.

I've checked the "Form samples" provided by play2, and found seq(...) should only worked with posted data with such format:

company sdfdsf
firstname   sdfds
informations[0].email   sdf@sdf.com
informations[0].label   wef
informations[0].phones[0]   234234
informations[0].phones[1]   234234
informations[1].email   sdf@sdf.com
informations[1].label   wefwef
informations[1].phones[0]   234234

Please notice that there are many [0] or other indexes in the parameter names.

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Rather than using a Form helper in this case, you could (and probably want to) access the url-encoded content of the request body.

The way to do this is e.g.:

def delete = Action { implicit request =>
  request.body.asFormUrlEncoded match {
    case Some(b) =>
      val ids = b.get("id")
      for(id <- ids) deleteRow(id)
    case None =>
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It's a hard limitation in Play2, currently.

The whole form binding framework is based on translating from/to Map[String,String] and for both FormUrlEncoded and Json input this is accomplished by throwing away everything but the first value for every key.

I'm experimenting with changing everything over to Map[String,Seq[String]] but it's as yet unclear how compatible that approach can be. See https://github.com/bartschuller/Play20/tree/formbinding for the work in progress (branch will be force-pushed without warning).

Critique, API suggestions, and tests welcome.

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If you make your posted data look like


It should work.

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