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I'm working on a multi-lingual application which requires me to change the text direction (either ltr or rtl) dynamically according to the user language.

I used a label for this. I assigned it a css class which would set the direction but its not working.

I also added a style to its CssStyleCollection list but its not working too.

Where am I doing it wrong? What are the ways in which it can be achieved?

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If you post the CSS you're using, I may be able to identify anything that could be wrong with it. Otherwise, try this in your label control:

Label myLabel = new Label();
myLabel.Attributes.Add("dir", "rtl");

Of course, you may want to set the direction at a top-level tag such as the <body /> so it affects the entire page and not just one label.

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Thanks for your reply Dan. It worked out fine. – buntykawale Jun 9 '09 at 14:00

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