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we have created a technology which we would like to allow people to use via a web service based API. The API would be pretty simple (up to 10 functions). Because I'm not familiar with all the current available frameworks (recently I've been a mobile developer) I would love to hear your suggestions for the framework (doesn't matter what language it requires. I'm into Java, but I know some other languages and I have no problem to learn new one) with the adventages and disadventages. I've been searching the web for the answer but it would be great to hear the feadback from this great community.


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Standard .Net framework WCF and tools available in VS2008/2010 will help you to build your web service with REST (or SOAP, or TCP, etc.) endpoint in hour. Here you can get some basics.

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If you willing to develop Rest api in java then i suggest you to user Jersey Framework. you can get more information here-



It is pretty easy. Second option is use Spring MVC. this also provide REST web service implementation. But i prefer first one.

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