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Using Doctrine 1.2.4, i cant't resolve using "IF" MySQL instruction under Doctrine.

I want generate this SQL code :

UPDATE mytable SET mytable.state = IF(mytable.state=0, 128, mytable.state)

But using :

$stmt_update = Doctrine_Query::create()
->update('Mytable mytable')
->set('mytable.state', 'IF(mytable.state=0, 128, mytable.state)')

Result under mysql server is : mytable.state = IF(mytable.state)

$stmt_update>getDql(); // 'UPDATE Mytable mytable SET mytable.state = IF(mytable.state=0, 128, mytable.state )'
$stmt_update->getSqlQuery(); // 'UPDATE mytable SET  mytable.state = IF(mytable.state)'

getSqlQuery() method is used to call Mysql, but with incorrect statement SQL.

Is a way to using IF with Doctrine 1.x ?

http://groups.google.com/group/doctrine-user/browse_thread/thread/3faa518645e32eda%23&usg=AFQjCNEuqznC25z1EAzF4NIcfln8VG_Brg This is not supported by DQL currently.

Is a an extension available for IF with Doctrine 1 ? (like DoctrineExtensions / lib / DoctrineExtensions / Query / Mysql / IfElse.php ) https://github.com/beberlei/DoctrineExtensions/blob/master/lib/DoctrineExtensions/Query/Mysql/IfElse.php

Conditional IF statement in a PHP Doctrine 1.2 SET statement is not usable.

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Just put space between IF and ( my version is 1.2.3 :

$stmt_update = Doctrine_Query::create()
    ->update('Mytable mytable')
    ->set('mytable.state', 'IF (mytable.state=0, 128, mytable.state)');

echo $stmt_update->getSqlQuery();

I'm getting:

UPDATE Mytable SET mytable.state = IF (mytable.state=0, 128, mytable.state)

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