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Using this code I am trying to resize the selected image and then want to save it to a specific path:

-(void)processImage:(NSString*)inputPath:(int)imageWidth:(int)imageHeight:(NSString*)outputPath {

    NSImage * img = [NSImage imageNamed:inputPath];
    [img setSize: NSMakeSize(imageWidth,imageHeight)];


-(void)startProcessingImages {

    int i; // Loop counter.

    // Loop through all the files and process them.
    for( i = 0; i < [files count]; i++ )
        inputFilePath = [[files objectAtIndex:i] retain];
        NSLog(@"filename::: %@", inputFilePath);

        // Do something with the filename.

        [selectedFile setStringValue:inputFilePath];

        NSLog(@"selectedFile:::: %@", selectedFile);

    NSLog(@"curdir:::::%@", inputFilePath);

    NSString *aString = [[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@%@%@", thumbnailDirPath , @"/" , fileNameNumber] retain];

    fileNameJPG = [[aString stringByAppendingString:@".jpg"] retain];

    [self processImage:inputFilePath: 66  :55  :thumbnailDirPath];
    [self processImage:inputFilePath: 800 :600 :thumbnailDirPath];
    [self processImage:inputFilePath: 320 :240 :thumbnailDirPath];


My issue is I am not getting that how to save it to thumbnailDirPath.

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you should do export your image into file. currently I only see how to store the TIFF image.

[[img TIFFRepresentation] writeToFile:outputPathName atomacally:NO];

Where outputPathName is the path with file name for your thumbnail file.

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NSDictionary *options = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:0.8] forKey:NSImageCompressionFactor];    
NSData *tiffData = [img TIFFRepresentation];
NSData *JPEGData = [[NSBitmapImageRep imageRepWithData:tiffData] representationUsingType:NSJPEGFileType properties:options];
NSError *anError;
if (![JPEGData outputPath options:0 error:&anError])
                MyLog(@"Error saving image: %@ to: %@", anError, outputPath);

Check the documentation for NSJPEGFileType as it will show you the other foramt options for saving, such as PNG.

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