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Well, i have been working on Paypal IPN. I need some information relate to Recuring proccess, please help me in it.

  • Step 1 > Client Subscribe Package 1 [ $200 ]/ month
  • Step 2 > Redirected to Paypal
  • Step 3 > Payment and Agreement , Recurnig Profile Created in Users Paypal Account
  • Step 4 > IPN Response To My Website for Success Lead
  • Step 5 > Client Back to my website.

Question: Next Month Paypal will Automatically Charge to Client with Recuring, will IPN will return response to my website?.

Hope for positive response.

Best Regards Taha Ali Adil

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Yes, you'll receive IPN for each recurring payment. Just check if txn_type = "recurring_payment". Also you'll receive at least the following fields:

txn_id = <transaction id>
recurring_payment_id = <recurring profile id>
payer_email = <email>
amount = <amount>
currency_code = <payment currency>
and so on.
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