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I have a problem with transfer of my project to iis server. At the development server all routing went smoothly. Now i want to migrate to iis server and my onchange attribute on select tag doesnt work. When i try to get from using the

onchange="location.href='<%= Manager.MyConfiguration.Prefix %>/Authorized/Authorized/Accounts/'+this.value"

at the obvious page, i end up at

The same problem was with every href attribute and the Html.Actionlink pretty much solved most of it, but i still dont know, how to route onchange or onclick.

<%= Manager.MyConfiguration.Prefix %> was my idea how to add the /Manager/ part of the route there (in order not to use it on the local devserver). Without this part, i get just which is also wrong.

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I think you should post your RouteTable and Controller.Action code – eu-ge-ne Jun 9 '09 at 13:46
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<%= Url.Content("~/Authorized/Authorized/Accounts/") %>
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I'm not quite sure if I fully understand the problem, but it seems to be you could use the VirtualPathUtility class and do something like

+ this.value
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