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I'm developing a PHP driven web application and i need to extract attachments from Outlook .msg. I haven't wondered outside PHP, Python and adjacent web languages so please take me easy. If one is curious the task is to check an email address, get the body and attachments and add them to the DMS. I'm googling for hours now and i see there is no easy way (like a PHP class or similar) so any workaround would be much appreciated :)

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Outlook MSG files are actually COM Structured Storage. You might be able to read them using PEAR OLE. But, the page claims it is unmaintained.

Keep in mind that even if you manage to open the document, you will need to understand its internal layout to be able to find anything. FileFormats appears to list some useful internal information you might want to keep handy as a reference as you are exploring the MSG file.

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Thanks for the answer but we have decided to use a .msg extractor ( from the php script ( – Andrei Sandulescu Apr 12 '12 at 12:48

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