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I need to inverse a variance-covariance matrix in Ruby and vector by matrix multiplication. Which numerical Ruby library/Gem should I use?

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Try using the 'matrix' library:

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A numerically more stable possibility than direct inversion is to use a Cholesky decomposition with the package you find here:

require 'Cholesky.rb'
require 'pp'
# m is the covariance matrix you want to invert (it is positive semidefinite)
l = m.cholesky
li = l.inverse
lit = li.transpose
# lit*li is approximately the inverse and the next line shows this
pp lit*li*m

Better than inverting l is to use the method described in the wikpedia article linked above.

If your problem is numerically too unstable then consider the Singular Value Decomposition, but I don't have code for it.

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If you can compile code, use ruby-gsl

gem install gsl

The inverse can be obtained using LU module


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