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I have created a bash script to monitor Symantec command line scan services, This is a part of the script later on I am sending email of log file I have created,a cron job to send email in every two hours.

Now my problem is that sometimes ssecls script does not respond and it stucks. How to implement a time check for each 4 servers below so that if ssecls does not respond then Symantec services will be restarted. I have created another script to restart services.

My only problem is , how to check if the below process is not responding or hang ....2 mins of interval.

# Symatec Scan Command Line Scanner Options

cd /opt/SYMCScan/ssecls/
echo "Testing servera1 Scan Engine" `./ssecls /home/symtec/ -server Server1 -mode scan -verbose -details -timing -recurse -onerror leave -log /home/symtec/work/ssecls_log_serveraavr01`

echo "Testing server02 Scan Engine" `./ssecls /home/symtec/ -server Server2 -mode scan -verbose -details -timing -recurse -onerror leave -log /home/symtec/work/ssecls_log_serverdavr01`

echo "Testing server03 Scan Engine" `./ssecls /home/symtec/ -server  Server3 -mode scan -verbose -details -timing -recurse -onerror leave -log /home/symtec/work/ssecls_log_server1avr01`

echo "Testing server04 Scan Engine" `./ssecls /home/symtec/ -server Server4 -mode scan -verbose -details -timing -recurse -onerror leave -log /home/symtec/work/ssecls_log_server4avr01`
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timeout was written for just such a use.

timeout 120 ./ssecls ...

You can even configure it to send a signal other than kill, and to kill it some time after that. Because the back ticks are executed before the command line, you'll need to put the timeout inside them.

To restart, you'll want a loop.

until timeout 120 ./ssecls ...; do
    echo Timed out, restarting.
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Hi Kevin, Thanks for the reply , but timeout: command not found. I dont have root access and it's redhat linux machine. – Naveen Mar 14 '12 at 13:52

timeout: command not found.

You can achieve something similar with this bash function:

    time=$1; shift
    "$@"& pid=$!
    ( sleep $time; kill $! )&
    wait $pid && kill $!

Call this function just as described in Kevin's answer.

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