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How do you merge multiple static linked libraries into a single dll given each static lib defines exported functionality (vc++ 2008)?.

In a multi project layout existing out of a single dll project and multiple sub projects that are linked in statically (in the dll project). Despite being marked as __declspec(export) some of the symbols in the sub-projects (.lib) refuse to have their symbols exported in the final dll.

Generating a .def file and marking the symbols explicitly for exportation could solve this problem. However identifying which of the symbols are marked as __declspec( export ) proofs a problem. Due large number of exported classes/function and primarily name mangling maintaining a list by hand is a unfordable process thus generating the list of symbols, that were marked for export, would be the only viable option.

Is there an utility or compiler directive could do this?

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Use a DEF file.

Always use a DEF file.

Never fail to use a DEF file.

Just accept that a DEF file is the thing to use.

Stop using __declspec(dllexport), and use a dang-dratted def file already.

Also don't export classes. Export those class members which need to be exported only. And use a DEF file to do it.

Seriously, if you export classes without a DEF file, the function names will be several times longer than the actual program data. You should to use ordinals for exporting C++ member functions.

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However you still need to supply a mangled name i.e. internal name. Function signatures are likely to change in the development cycle, and so are the managed names. How do you propose to manage those w/o extern "c"? –  Lawrence Kok Mar 14 '12 at 13:21
@phr34k, you will have a test harness which #includes the class and function definitions and links to the DLL's export lib. Every time you reference a function, you will get a linker error which gives the mangled name. (If you have no test for the function just take it's address void* p = (void*) &ClassName::FunctionName). Add that mangled name to the DEF file with an ordinal and the NONAME attribute. (You will have to remove the __imp prefix). You will that way guarantee you have exported every function the test harness references, and thereby tested the DEF file. –  Ben Mar 14 '12 at 13:54
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After bit trial and error I found that using the lib /def command can be utilized to generate an import library and export file. It appears that the export file contains all symbols that are marked with __declspec(dllexport). Subsequently the .exp file can be inspected with dumpbin and used as a reference to generate a module definition file.

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