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I have a maven web app project which has a dependency on a maven skinny war project. Both projects, the main webapp and the skinny war project are in my eclipse. Now when I run the main webapp in my original eclipse, where I built the projects, I can use my controllers from the skinny war project etc. Now I installed the same projects on a different eclipse on a different computer. I can run the main webapp but the controllers from the skinny war are not available.

There is a difference in the target folder of the project between my original eclipse and the other eclipse instance.

folders in target folder in original eclipse:

  • m2e-wtp
  • war
  • ...

folder in target folder in new eclipse:

  • m2e-wtp

Maybe it has something to do with this ?

Funny thing I found out. When I close the project in eclipse, the controllers are available.

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I somebody has the same problem. I installed the following eclipse plugin. Even though I did not install this one on my original eclipse. But it works now.


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