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I currently have in my application the ability for a user to create an account with a username and password and then have an email sent to them.

In order to generate a more secure log in, I wish for a random password to be generated and then in the email sent to the user the password is contained there.

I am just wondering how I would do this. I have a password_hash and salt in my database so it would require having the random string assigned there.

I understand that I would have to have in my model something like

 before_save :assign_password

and then a

def assign_password

Is this all I would need and it would assign to the password field? what would I include in the def assign_password?

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def assign_password
  (0..6).map{ ('a'..'z').to_a[rand(26)] }.join

Source How best to generate a random string in Ruby

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