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I'm using this tutorial at the moment.

(I believe my issue is related to strongly typed collections... by what I've been seeing on the internet, but I could be wrong)

Please bear with me. :)

I've been having this issue which I asked in another question, the answer seemed fine, but after tinkering with the code a bit more I realized that the issue is that the fields that make use of my custom partial view, don't get a prefix added to them like the fields that use a TextBoxFor html helper, for example. EG. When I click on add a new item, it adds it, but with the same ID as an item that's been added before, then my Javascript fails because there's two items with the same id.

Some code to try and clarify the issue

Partial View

@model Portal.ViewModels.Micros
@using Portal.Helpers
<div class="editorRow" style="padding-left:5px">
    @using (Html.BeginCollectionItem("micros"))
        @Html.EditorFor(model => model.Lab_T_ID)
        @Html.EditorFor(model => model.Lab_SD_ID)         
        @Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Result)
        <input type="button" class="deleteRow" title="Delete" value="Delete" />

The TextBoxFor (Result) gets rendered as

<input id="micros_5e14bae5-df1b-4c42-9e96-573a8e52f8b2__Result" name="micros[5e14bae5-df1b-4c42-9e96-573a8e52f8b2].Result" type="text" value="">

Editor For get rendered as

<select id="Lab_SD_ID" multiple="multiple" style="width: 300px; display: none; " >
      <option value="5" selected="selected">Taken at Packing 1</option>
      <option value="6">Taken at Packing 2</option>
      <option value="7">Taken at Packing 3</option>

 <button type="button" class="ui-multiselect ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all" aria-haspopup="true" tabindex="0" style="width: 300px; ">
<span class="ui-icon ui-icon-triangle-2-n-s"></span><span>Taken at Packing (Winc 4/5-25d)</span></button>

I can include more code if its needed, there is a helper class as well (BeginCollectionItem), that I used which is located in the demo project in the tutorial as well.

I basically need to find out how "micros[5e14bae5-df1b-4c42-9e96-573a8e52f8b2]." gets appended to the input boxes as far as I can see, but have been stumped by it so far :/

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The reason this works with TextBoxFor and not your custom EditorFor is because the TextBoxFor helper respects the template navigational context whereas in your editor template you have simply hardcoded a <select> element that doesn't even have a name. I would recommend you to use HTML helpers when generating input fields:

So replace your hardcoded select in the custom template with:

@model int?
    var values = ViewData.ModelMetadata.AdditionalValues;

        new { 
            multiple = "multiple",
            style = "width:" + values["comboboxWidth"] + "px",
            data_url = Url.Action((string)values["action"], (string)values["controller"]),
            data_noneselectedtext = values["noneSelectedText"],
            data_value = values["id"],
            data_text = values["description"]
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thank you.. but this is getting ridiculous, feels like I've been schooled the whole day... can i buy you a beer or something? –  Rohan Büchner Mar 14 '12 at 13:31

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