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Hi I need a Regex that can actually get any letter that is inserted after "-" dash e.g i have a string that says

 "UpTown-R" , "Category-C"

What I get in return is "R" , "C".

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If there is always a letter after the dash, you do not need regex for this. You could use explode, and grab the first character from each element. – Josh Mar 14 '12 at 13:51
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If is always the last part of the string, you can do this


see it here on Regexr

[^-] is a character class that matches everything that is not a dash

+ quantifier means one or more of the preceding element

$ anchor for the end of the string

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A simple


Will get everything that it's after the first dash; note that with this string foo-bar-baz you will match -bar-baz, and bar-baz will be in first group.

If you have to match only letters,


Will suffice. Your result will be in the $1 group.

Alternatively, why don't you substr your string, starting from the last dash index way to end of the string?

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It will get everything from the first dash till the end, including the dash Regexr – stema Mar 14 '12 at 13:40
By starting from the end I meant that also the dashes (if present) will be in the group. I'll update the answer. – Alessandro Vendruscolo Mar 14 '12 at 14:28

try this regex;


this way you get everything after the dash

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How about:

preg_match('/-([a-z])\b/i', $string, $match);

unicode compatibility:

preg_match('/-(\pL)\b/u', $string, $match);

The letter you want is in $match[1].

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Here you are:


Results are in group 1.

Tested using:

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Why would you use slow regex's for this, why not just explode the string on '-'?

$str = 'UpTown-R';
$arr = explode('-',$str);
$letter = $arr[1];
$letterSage = $arr[1][0]; // to be sure you only get 1 character.

This works just as well! Before writing regex's all over the place, think of these wise words: "If your solution consists of more than 3 regular expressions, you're part of the problem"

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