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I would like to make the path to data contained in JSON variable. The code I have now looks like this:

function writeDB(block)
  $.getJSON('js/data.js', function(data) {

    if (block == "path1") { var adr = data.test.path1.db; };
    if (block == "path2") { var adr = data.test.path2.db; };
    if (block == "path3") { var adr = data.test.path3.db; };

    var datastring="";
    $.each(adr, function(i, field){
      temp = encodeURIComponent($("#writeDB_"+block+" [name="+adr[i].abc+"]").val());
      datastring += adr[i].abc+"="+temp+"&";



The "if" parts I would like to simplify and make it variable, by using the variable 'block' directly into the "adr" path, something like this

var adr = "data.test."+block+".db";

But a string won't work, so its useless. Someone knows how I can fix that?

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You want to use square bracket notation:

var adr = data.test[block].db;
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if (typeof(data.test[block]) != "undefined")
    var adr = data.test[block].db;
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