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How can I have a jQuery slider that is readonly? One that would display a value but the user wouldn't be allowed to move it?


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The documentation says there's a .slider('disable') function - not sure what that actually does to the slider element itself, but that may be an option for you.

Documentation here

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This is making the slider disappear (not being rendered). –  Name Jun 9 '09 at 14:26
Then I suppose the easiest way to do it would be to position a transparent element on top of the slider (thus preventing the user from moving it manually) and control its position using the .value attribute. –  inkedmn Jun 9 '09 at 14:31
I'm using jquery-ui-1.9.2 and .slider("disable") works like a charm. It decreases the transparency and disables dragability. –  nthpixel Sep 17 '13 at 5:51
Any way to keep the transparency as it is but disable dragability at the same time? –  Thomas Sebastian Oct 9 '14 at 9:58

I tried all suggested. Only this works:

$('#mySlider').slider({ disabled: true });
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I have got the same issue that the slider disappears if I use directly $('#mySlider').slider( 'disable' );. I have loaded the slider fisrt..then disabled it. Though it is not a good way, but it works for me.

                range: "min",
                min: 0,
                max: 100,                
                value: $("span", this).text(), 


$('#mySlider').slider( 'disable');
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see this example: jsfiddle.net/sTJCh/9 –  chrisp_68 Mar 18 '12 at 10:55

You would simply have to do this:

$('#mySlider').slider( 'disable' );
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This is making the slider disappear (not being rendered). –  Name Jun 9 '09 at 14:28

I had a client request for this today. Its probably a good idea to do this as a best practice and prevent string input.

Since the slider sets the value in an <input> tag, you can make it "readonly".

  <label for="amount">Price range:</label>
  <input type="text" id="amount" style="border: 0; color: #f6931f; font-weight: bold;" readonly />

<div id="slider-range"></div>


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This is not what the OP asked for. He wanted the slider to be disabled, which is not what your example shows. –  pierus Feb 3 at 19:24

$("#slider").slider("disable") works fine, however reenabling doesn't work $("#slider").slider("enable")

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Disabling it makes it transparent. If you want it to look like a normal slider, you can override slide handler to return false:

    $("#mySlider").on("slide", function (event, ui) { return false; });
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