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Platform: WinXP SP2, Intel Fortran 11, Excel 2007

I'm having trouble connecting a dll file with excel.

The dll file is relatively simple:

subroutine FortranCall (r1, num)
integer, intent(in) :: r1
character(10), intent(out) :: num

num = ''
write (num,'(i0)') r1 * 2

end subroutine FortranCall

build with: ifort /nologo /dll Fcall.f90, and after that copied to "temp" directory on C drive (how does one write a backslash in here, anyway (except copy/pasting) ?)

and I have an Excel file with, in Sheet1:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim r1 As Long
Dim num As String * 10

     r1 = 123
     Call FortranCall(r1, num)

     TextBox1.Text = "Answer is " & num

End Sub

and in Moduel1:

Declare Sub FortranCall Lib "C:\temp\Fcall.dll" (r1 As Long, ByVal num As String)

When ran it reports an error: runtime error 53, file not found c:\temp\fcall.dll

Anyone has any clue what could be wrong ?

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I know this is a very old question, but I came across this issue the other day and thought I'd put an answer up for posterity. My VBA code calling a Fortran DLL worked fine on my computer, but not on my boss's or anyone else's computer. The problem ended up being dependency on other DLLs, despite compiling in "release" mode instead of "debug". I used Dependency Walker to check the dependencies in the DLL on a computer where it wouldn't work, found two DLLs which come with the intel compiler that were needed, and distributed these with my own compiled DLL.

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Old, but still actual. What two DLLs? You say you need to ship them with the compiled one (in the same folder)? ... put some more details, please. I'm still interested in this ... – Rook Feb 18 '12 at 11:39
I don't have access to them at the moment (it's on my work computer), but I believe they were libmmd.dll and libifcoremd.dll. Yes, I put them in the same folder as my fortran DLL and that solved the problem. – bananafish Feb 18 '12 at 11:51
update: the DLLs I needed were libmmd.dll and libifcorert.dll. – bananafish Feb 20 '12 at 0:37
Thanks bananafish; I'll try this first thing tuesday when I get back to the office. Will let you know how it went :) – Rook Feb 20 '12 at 1:08

Not sure what could be wrong.

I couldn't get my hands on an ifort compiler, but I tried your code by copying a random DLL to the Temp folder specified the Declare statement. When I run it, the error I get is: "Can't find DLL entry point FortranCall in C:\Temp\RandomDLL.DLL", which is consistent with using the wrong DLL (that is, the DLL was found, but it doesn't jive with the calling code).

You could try to replace the DLL you compiled with a random other DLL and see if you get the same error. If you do, it is a problem with the OS environment, not the compiler.

This is probably not very helpful, but may eliminate one or two possibilities.

Environment I used: Win Vista, Excel 2003

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You could try moving your DLL to C:\Windows\system32 (or any other folder that's on the default path) and changing the Lib part to just "FCall.dll". That should eliminate any oddities with locating the actual file

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C:\temp is on the envir. var. PATH as well. So my guess is they are equal. – Rook Jun 10 '09 at 9:21

I had the same problem - super frustrating!

I had the similar kind of declaration in Excel VBA: Declare Sub FortranCall Lib "C:\temp\Fcall.dll" (r1 As Long, ByVal num As String)

It worked on my computer but it did not work on my boss's computer. All the spelling of the file name and the path specification were fine. My DLL was compiled in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. The problem was - A common cause for "File not found/Runtime error 53" is that the calling application cannot find dll's on which the dll in question actually depends!!! I gave my boss the DLL that I compiled in DEBUG mode - in this case DLL uses lots of other debug versions of DLL which not commonly found on regular computers. When I gave my boss RELEASE version of DLL it worked fine! See also:

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I had the same recently with ifort 14, and the problem disappears when I compile with

ifort /dll /libs:static /threads

Instead of just

ifort /dll

The message "file not found" often arise when the DLL has a dependency on another DLL which is not on system path (I had this with gfortran, and a DLL in MinGW32\bin, for instance). But I didn't find such a dependency here, rather strange.

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