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I'm creating a Distance Formula Android App. I'm starting from scratch and as a new programmer and I'm curious as to how I would start. I'm familiar with the Distance formula and the basic Layout of the Android App. I just need to know how to: add, square root, subtract, and square answers across text boxes.

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well its all basic java

Integer.parseInt("10") will give you 10 Double.parseDouble("10.10") will give you 10.10

10 + 10.10 = 20

((Double) 10 + 10.10) = 20.10 10.0 + 10.10 = 20.10

here is link to java math class

that's all you need

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That's awesome! I always over complicate things. Thanks a bunch. – Kuhdean Mar 14 '12 at 15:26

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