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I’ve found questions answered here on MJPEG video through a search looking for MJPEG Transcoding products. I hope you might know of companies who have commercial products capable of stream-stream transcoding of MJPEG video (MJPEG D1 to H.264 SD-3).

We are looking for a this functionality to embed in a video surveillance application. We’d like to identify a COTS product with off-the-shelf functionality rather than custom development. I’ve talked to probably twenty companies who have a form of transcoding but when the onion is peeled back, they do not perform stream-stream transcoding of MJPEG video.

Do you happen to have any suggestions re. who might?

Thanks very much.

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I work in the video surveillance industry also. We are currently using hardware products from Stretch Inc, they can support real time transcoding with hardware assist, but you would probably have to write a custom application using their SDK to do this.

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