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A friend of mine and me were working on a project for class. He prefers VB and I prefer C#, so we just did our thing. Now, we were thinking of merging the projects. I added his into mine, but I can't find how to open the forms he has made from the forms I made.

Is there any way to launch VB forms from a C# form?

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It is not possible to mix C# in VB. but you can use approach suggested by Jon Skeet.

1) Create Multi-Project Solutions

2) Add Reference of your friend's VB project in your project

Then you can create object of those forms that your friend created as:

YourFriendProject.SomeForm  someForm = new YourFriendProject.SomeForm();
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Your solution did the trick, thank you very much! – Simon Verbeke Mar 14 '12 at 15:20

Language is project specific. Meaning you have a C# project and VB project. You cannot mix multiple languages in one project. You can however have multiple languages projects in a solution. E.g he does the front-end in VB and you do the back end in c# and then add references in the vb project to the c# project.

Additionally, you could use a VB to C# converter or vice versa with mixed results. I've converted entire vb projects to c#.

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But the problem is that we've both made forms, thinking we wouldn't be merging it. I know that you can add C# dll's to a VB project and the other way around. But I would like to open his forms. (Or am I just not understanding you) – Simon Verbeke Mar 14 '12 at 15:00
I believe you could open his form from the dll if it's exposed as public. One project will have to be the "master" that will do the application loading though. – Michael Rice Mar 14 '12 at 15:02
Alright, I'll look into that :) Or maybe just translating and recreating his forms. – Simon Verbeke Mar 14 '12 at 15:04

You can't add different languages to the same project, but you should be able to add both projects to the same solution, and add a reference from your C# project to his VB project, and use the types he's created - so long as they're public, of course.

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The answer has already been posted, just adding a picture to make things a bit more clearer.

  • You cannot add forms / code from two different languages to the same project.
  • You can add a project reference from the VB assembly to the CS assembly and vica versa.
  • You can add either project to the other solution to have access to both.

enter image description here

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