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I need to call source on a snow cluster to re-eval some functions. The call to clusterCall() I'm using doesn't work:

cl = makeSOCKcluster(rep("localhost", 5))
> clusterCall(cl, getwd)
[1] "/home/user"

[1] "/home/user"

[1] "/home/user"

[1] "/home/user"

[1] "/home/user"

> clusterCall(cl, source, 'ets.load.R')
Error in checkForRemoteErrors(lapply(cl, recvResult)) : 
  5 nodes produced errors; first error: cannot open the connection
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It seems that you need to specify that 'ets.load.R' is a file parameter in source function. For example (this is not a good approach, I guess) call clusterCall(cl, function(x) source(file=x), 'ets.load.R') –  DrDom Mar 14 '12 at 15:21

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I've found the problem, had to set the correct working directory first, or specify ets.load.R with its absolute path:

clusterEvalQ(cl, source('~/home/user/ets.load.R'))
clusterCall(cl, function() { source('~/home/users/ets.load.R'); NULL }) 
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