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I'm attempting to display a mailto link. Is that possible with CSS?


<li class="fe footer_no_link"></li>


.footer_column .fe:after {content:"<a href=""></a>"; }
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Content added with the pseudo-element doesn't appear in the DOM, so no you can't. But why do you want to do it with CSS ? It is not styling, the right place seems to be directly on the HTML file.

If the goal is to block spam, I usually use this piece of javascript:

var m; 
$ele = document.getElementById('contact-mail');
$ele.href = 'mailto:'+m;
$ele.innerHTML = m;

The mail is splitted to be sure that it doesn't appear as an email in any file.

You can see the result here:

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I'm trying to block spam robots from being able to read it. Trying to avoid javascript if possible – Tom Mar 14 '12 at 17:17
I see, but I don't think that an alternative exists with just css or html to block spam on a mailto. I edited my post with some javascript if you finally decide you can use it. – TimPetricola Mar 15 '12 at 13:57

Your value wasn't appearing because the speech marks needed escaping, or changing:

.fe:after {content:"<a href=''></a>"; }​

Even then though, your content will just display as static text, rather than rendered.

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you cannot add html elements with the CSS3 ::after or ::before selectors. The content:"" property will only accept plain text.

You must remember that CSS is for styling purposes only. This includes the ::before and ::after selectors.

Your best option is to use a JavaScript alternative.

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You can't add html to the content in css. Unless you escape everything.

Alternatively, you could use jQuery and use .html(), eg:

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It seems like this method prints the email address on screen? That wouldn't help with spam bots would it? Or does jQuery make it so it can't be read by a bot? Thanks! – Tom Mar 15 '12 at 14:31

This might be useful to someone...

Instead of inserting the link with the css, I coded it into the html with an href & class, but left it empty. Like this:

<p>This text is always here.</p>
<a class="mobile" href=""></a>

.mobile:after {
     content:'Click here to email us.'

That way the link doesn't appear (height:0, width:0) until it has content.

I used it for a responsive store locator where the map was stacked on top of the location list at small screen sizes, necessitating a link to the list anchor. I considered it a "design" decision, which is the only justifiable reason to do it.

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