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Here is my code:

$child = $this->getDetails($row['ParentOf_Id']);

which is in another function that calls a function called getdetails:

function getDetails($child_id=null,$limit=20){

    // select all the fields in the children table
    $this->db->select(castedColumns($this->children_table, $this->db));
    //where the id is the child id
    $q = $this->db->get_where($this->children_table, 'id='.$child_id);
    //store results array in details
    $details = $q->row_array();

I then get the following SQL error:

A Database Error Occurred Error Number:

Incorrect syntax near '='.

SELECT CAST(AdditionalNotes AS TEXT) as AdditionalNotes, CAST(DisabilitiesNotes AS TEXT) as DisabilitiesNotes, DOB, msrepl_tran_version FROM Children WHERE id=

Id does not get appended? why?

Been driving me nuts because, when I do echo $child_id; I get the child Id before passing it into the SQL.

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$this->db->select(castedColumns($this->children_table, $this->db));
$q = $this->db->get_where($this->children_table, array('id' => $child_id));
$details = $q->row_array();
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I would guess that $child_id is null, otherwise it would show in the db error query. Try to print $child_id and see if it's really a null which would mean that

 $child = $this->getDetails($row['ParentOf_Id']);

$row['ParentOf_Id'] is null.

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Got it working, $child_id=null changed to $child_id and mikhail solution seemed to have done the trick. Cheers. – bobo2000 Mar 16 '12 at 17:54

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