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I am writing a sparql query in java to delete rdf data with a specific id. I am trying with

Delete ?ID ?name Where { 
     ?ID rdf:type ex:example ex:name ?name 
     FILTER(?ID ="something") 

but it doesn't do anything. Does anyone knows what is my mistake?

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That query is probably failing, the closer SPARQL query that might work is ...

     ?id rdf:type ex:example;
         ex:name ?name .
     FILTER(?id = <http://foo.com/some/example/uri>) 

The var ?id cannot be a string since it is positioned as a subject and in RDF all subjects are IRIs, not literals.

If you post some sample data we might be able to help better.

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i think that the problem is with sparql update because i get the error Encountered " "delete" "DELETE "" at line 6, column 1. Was expecting one of: "prefix" ... "select" ... "construct" ... "describe" ... "ask" ... Do you know if i can do anything to run a delete query? –  user1259487 Mar 17 '12 at 11:13
which triple store are you using ? –  msalvadores Mar 17 '12 at 16:49

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