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Taking this into consideration that:

  1. My cube's DSV reads only from views on the DW
  2. I have access to create and alter these views

Lets say that I need a new field in my table CUSTOMER on the DSV witch is mapped directly to a view vwCustomer on the DW.

All the information necessary to this new field can be found on the view vwCustomer. Any advantage on creating that field as a named calculation over altering the view?

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No advantages, only pros and cons...

Pros of adding to DSV:

  1. Doesn't interfere with other applications that use vwCustomer with SELECT * queries
  2. ...

Cons of adding to DSV:

  1. Calculation isn't available to other applications/reports that may need to leverage it.
  2. ...

that's actually all I can think of off the top. Definitely no performance benefit to either method. My preference would be to implement it in the view.

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