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What I need is a solution, that would let me (and my programming contest teamates) use TCP/IP in C++ under Windows in the simplest possible way. Some task will probably require a completely synchronous text communication with the server. The best option would be some DOS command or programme, that would redirect oll in/out communication of the application and send/receive it via TCP, like the Linux netcat:

> cool_proxy 1234 abc.exe

And inside the programme:

int query;
cin >> query;
cout << "The answer is " << (query+123);

However, Windows netcat seems to miss that feature... If this ain't possible, some other simple option could help:

Some_cool_sockect scs("");
int query;
scs >> query;
scs << "The answer is " << (query+123);

It doesn't need to reach high performances; just simple, fully synchronous half-duplex TCP. I can handle TCP quite fluently in C#, so I could write some kind of a proxy, but maybe this thing already exists :)

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You may want to have a look at a library like POCO. In the namespace Poco::Net there are several classes which allow you to create a client/server.

As this library is open source you can have a look at it and see how these classes create sockets etc.

Googling for "windows socket c++" also brought this example: This will also give necessary basics, however I do not know if this example is up to date so it might not work with current Windows versions.

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