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I want to write an app communicating between Mac and iPhone.

Specifically speaking, I want to write a mac app which translates the input from mac and sends it to mac. For example, if I type 'a' on mac, the app changes it into 'ah' on iPhone. Another example, if I type 'a' on mac, the app changes it into 'あ' in Japanese on iPhone.

To write this kind of app, What documentation should I refer?

Please let me know, what documentation should I read.

Thanks in advance.

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There is no easy way to do this, The iPhone supports standard bluetooth profiles and a general purpose app like what you have mentioned will require the mac to act like an iPhone Bluetooth accessory (which requires it be be as per Apple MFi requirements)

You can do it by connecting an external compatible Bluetooth hardware to the Mac which can make it act like an accessory then write your app for the required function.

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