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I have a JSF application that is updating sections of itself dynamically via AJAX.

It runs ridiculously slow in IE7, but later versions of IE are fine, along with Firefox and Chrome.

I suspect it is an issue with client-side rendering performance - it's a pretty big chunk of HTML that is being updated dynamically, and there's not much JS code besides updating the DOM with the response (analogous to $(element).html(response) in jQuery).

Can this be tracked down to specific elements or not? For example, are there specific elements or CSS styles to focus on? Where else should I be looking?


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A quick work around is to use chromeframe.

It renders the page use chrome engine and you can put the frame in IE6,7 and 8


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Dynatrace AJAX edition should be able to help you track down the issues - http://ajax.dynatrace.com/ajax/en/

Presume you're using jQuery are you using an up-to-date version?

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