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I am debugging a large Makefile-based C project which takes 15 seconds to run "make" even if no changes to the sources are done. That means that whenever I relaunch the program, I need to wait for 15 seconds before I can even start debugging.

The project was imported through "Import as existing project with Makefile" and I am using gdb for debugger.

I want that when I relaunch, it runs the executable which was build last. How to disable this extra step of building (i.e. running "make") before each launch/debug?

(In the rare case of actually changing the source, I am willing to do a manual build / make)

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On the main tab of the debug configuration there is a radio button "Disable auto build"

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Project - Disable Autobuild option does not always means autobuild is off. For example "Makegood" test automation plugin will trigger autobuild when Preferences - Run/Debug - launching - (General opt) Build before launch is ON. So turn it off if manual build needed.

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You can disable the compile step if the project hasn't been modified but still want eclipse to compile it otherwise:

Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Build > "Build configurations only when there are Eclipse resource changes..."

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