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I have a html snippet like this:

<h1>Lorem ipsum dolor</h1>
<p>Euismod tollam impedit</p>

When I fetch it via jQuery's ajax() method like this:

    url: 'mocks/test.html',
    dataType: 'html',
    success: function(results) {

I see in console this: (an empty string)

However, if I add a div around my snippet like this:

    <h1>Lorem ipsum dolor</h1>
    <p>Euismod tollam impedit</p>

Then console shows content of p element. Any idea why?

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Because you're building a jQuery object with two elements; the h1 and the p. find() searches the descendants of the elements in the jQuery object, but your p is part of the jQuery object.

You need to use filter() instead in this circumstance, which looks within the elements in the jQuery object.

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Your HTML snippet produces a pair of elements in a single jQuery object and .find() will only search their descendant nodes.

You either have to enclose them in a container (such that you get one element in the jQuery object with two descendents, as you found), or use .filter() instead.

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