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I created an inventory table with columns product_id and total_count. When a purchase is entered in purchase table(purchase_id, supplier_id, product_id,price, quantity), it should update the total_count in inventory table. The default value for total_count in inventory table is 0.

for example when a purchase is made (supplier, charger ,price,25) it should update the inventory ( Charger, 25).

I am not being able to do that. here's my code:

create or replace trigger trg_update_inventory 
after insert on supplier_product 
for each row 
    update inventory set total_count=total_count+ quantity where .....

I am stuck at this point. how do I make the trigger get the quantity from the purchase table and update the total balance?

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CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_update_inventory
  AFTER INSERT ON supplier_product
  UPDATE inventory
     SET total_count = total_count + :new.quantity
   WHERE product_id  = :new.product_id

should work. From a system architecture standpoint, however, you would be much better off having a stored procedure make_purchase that does both the INSERT into the PURCHASE table and the UPDATE to the INVENTORY table rather than putting that sort of logic in a trigger.

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