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ok so I have a web application using CodeIgniter.

I have extended the base Controller with MY_Controller. I have used an autoloading method in order to be able to extend MY_Controller with another base class SC_Contoller.

function my_autoload_function($class) {
    if( strpos($class, 'CI_') !== 0 )
        // for debug to see when its called
        echo "<!--" . APPPATH . 'core/' . $class . EXT . "-->";
        if (is_file(APPPATH . 'core/'. $class . EXT))
            include_once( APPPATH . 'core/'. $class . EXT );

if(function_exists('spl_autoload_register')) {
    // we have SPL, so register the autoload function
    spl_autoload_register('my_autoload_function', true, true);      
} else {
    // if there isn't, we don't need to worry about using the stack,
    // we can just register our own autoloader
    function __autoload($class_name) {

I have extended SC_Controller with other user-reachable (outside "core" folder) controllers. They can be reached fine on my local development system. Also, I can see that my autoloader function is called to load the file with "SC_Controller" in it. This is correct.

However, once loaded onto the server, things go awry: the user-reachable extended controllers are available (which means the parents MY_Controller->SC_Controller were also loaded,) but my autoloader function is never called. Also, these controllers do not inherit any of the members of their parent classes!

in fact, if i call get_class_methods($this) I see only local members. If I call get_class_methods("SC_Controller") it only returns the constructor. When I make these calls on my local machine, the whole array of member methods (including all the inherited ones) are listed.

What could be causing this? And yes SPL exists on my server.

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For debugging purposes, don't rely on get_class_methods. Instead use var_dump on the objects for data and the __toString method from the ReflectionObject to list all functions etc.: Example. – hakre Mar 14 '12 at 18:02
@hakre thanks. I have switched to that. Still showing that there has been virtually nothing inherited. – preusstang Mar 14 '12 at 18:13

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