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I wrote a script to use active_record without rails. My tests are on windows 7 (Trendmicro Virus protection enabled - can't disable it because the notebook is property of my company), Lenovo T520. I wrote a little tk script that started in about a second. I added the 'sqlite3' gem and it started in 2 seconds.

After requiring the 'active_record' gem startup time when up to 30 seconds!!

Can I do something against that (please don't recommend changing the os)? Is ruby just for use with rails so that it can run on a unix box where the performance is ok?

Versions are: ruby 1.9.3p125 (2012-02-16) [i386-mingw32] activerecord (3.2.2)

Edit: Something interesting happened. After starting the script a few times "requiring 'active_record'" is done in 0.53 seconds. Maybe it's os-caching or virus protection ignores the files because it considers them safe. After a fresh reboot the time went up to 3.5 seconds on the first run and dropped again on the second run to the known 0.53 seconds.

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Have you tried DataMapper instead of ActiveRecord? Ruby is fine for general scripting but ActiveRecord isn't exactly lightweight or quick to start up. –  mu is too short Mar 14 '12 at 18:31
Ok, requiring just dm-core boils it down to 12 seconds. That is almost acceptable. But somehow I'm still annoyed. I thought writing a an data centric application on windows with a scripting language like ruby would be completely possible. But I'm struggling already at step zero. I understand, that I have to pay for a orm framework. But 12 seconds just to start it up without doing anything with it is a pain in the ass (at least while developing). –  user331471 Mar 14 '12 at 21:05

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I have an somehow acceptable solution. It depends on the order the modules are required:

Startup 30 seconds: require 'tk' require 'active_record'

Startup 2 seconds: require 'active_record' require 'tk'

IMHO this thing is answered (but I'm not really satisfied).

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