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How can I make a "todo list" on Play 1.2.4 version?

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By reading the documentation and then using that knowledge to create a ToDo list app ... – maartencls Mar 14 '12 at 18:25

Very very easily.

  1. You need a simple Model class that contains your Todo details.
  2. A simple index page which displays the list of Todo objects and has a form to create a new Todo item.
  3. A simple controller that has two actions. First action is to render the index page, therefore needs to call Todo.findAll() or similar to pass in all Todo items to the index page. Second action is to pass in a Todo object. This should be as simple as calling save() on the Todo object, and redirecting back to the index page.

I could probably write some code for you, but it really is as simple as described above.

Also, the old Play website had a 10 minute video to show the power of Play, and in that video Guillaume created a Todo list application. You can find the video below...

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Thanks a lot for your help – user1269750 Mar 15 '12 at 17:26

You can start following the yabe example Play! Yabe

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