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I am using a JComboBox as a cell editor for my JTable. When I select one of the values from the drop down list of the ComboBox, setValueAt is not getting called. I know this because I have overridden the function. Based on the value selected in this cell, the value in another cell of the same table is fixed. Also, I need to know which is the actionListener for this event, i.e when I change the value in the ComboBox.

The setValueAt does get called only when the focus is changed to another cell in the table, just clicking outside the table also does not help.

public void setValueAt(Object o,int row,int col)
    super.setValueAt(o, row, col);

        super.setValueAt(o, col-1, row+1);

        super.setValueAt(((String)o).substring(2), col-1, row+1);
        super.setValueAt("1/"+(String)o, col-1, row+1);
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I just found the way...

I need to add an actionListener to the JComboBox component that I created as a member of the CellEditor class and in the listener function, i need to call stopCellEditing so that the setValueAt gets called...

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