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I would like to iterate over all the available dataSources for the current environment, trying to see if any of them contain a particular domain instance. Each environment has different dataSources.

The best I've hacked up so far is grailsApplication.config.findAll { it.key.contains('dataSource_') }. Is there a better or more legitimate way to do this?

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You can also query against the bean names in the application context.

Something like

ctx.beanDefinitionNames.findAll{ it.contains( 'dataSource' ) }

At least that is what the DatasourcesUtils in the Datasources plugin does -


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seems like I was on the right track then. I was going to check the Datasources plugin but since multiple datasources is built-in to Grails 2 I thought it might have a better way. –  doelleri Mar 14 '12 at 20:33

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