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I just bought the device. When running my application from eclipse with the device connected, it runs smoothly. When I try to debug it is impossible to do anything, it is very slow, slower than debugging in an emulator! How is this possible? Any ideas?

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I have HTC One X with ICS 4.0.3. I had similar issue where eclipse won't detect my phone. Here is what i did to solve the problem.

1) I Downloaded HTC Sync (latest version) from

2) Install the software.

3) Made changes in my phone setting screen. Setting>Developer option> Check Enable USB Debugging. and check Allow Mock location (but i don't know whether it is necessary).

4) Updated my Eclipse ADT.

5) Restart Eclipse. Restart my phone also.

6) go to DDMS and under Devices , i found my phone was there.

Then i run my app on my phone.

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how do you connect your phone to eclipse? I got the same phone but mine is never shown in eclipse under the "choose a running android device"...

What kind of connection do you have to choose on your phone when you plug in the usb cable to the pc? And did you have to install something special to get your phone listed inside Eclipse under the running android devices?

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  • Follow this link and download HTC sensation xe's USB driver
  • Setting > Developer option > Check Enable USB Debugging
  • Go to DDOM, you can see your device.

Then run your app.

It works to me.

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