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vim version : 7.1 echo has ('cscope') : 1

I am trying to integrate cscope environment with vim on windows. I am trying to create a new database through the following command

cscope add C:\Path

I get the error message E563: stat(C:\Path) error:2

I assume the error message is because cscope is unable to create the database file needed by it to perform it's operations. The path provided is a valid path.

What could be the possible reason for the following error ?

Thanks Gudge

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The reason for the error message is that you don't have a cscope database at all.

In order to be able to do a successful :cs add, you have to build the database before you try to add it.

An example for building the database could be found in this Vim Tip:
Automatically create and update cscope database

Once you built the database (say at C:/temp/cscope.out), you could open the connection to the database using :cs add C:/temp/cscope.out

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For me when I try to add the -C switch (case insensitive) while adding the database I get a stat error, which reads E563: stat(/dbc/blr-dbc202/AJ/CSCOPE_DB/CSCOPE_KERNEL_MAIN/cscope.out) error: 2 however when I add it without the -C option, it gets added. Secondly, it gets autoloaded when I invoke it from within the same directory like so: /usr/bin/cscope -dl -f cscope.out. So if I try to add it with the -C switch again (from within VIM) it doesn't allow me. Could you help? – HighOnMeat Oct 29 '15 at 6:04
@HighOnMeat: sorry, no clue. Maybe ask an own question for this. – eckes Oct 29 '15 at 6:08

Just to validate how you set it up ...

  1. Create the cscope database:

    C:\Tools\src>c:\tools\bin\cscope.exe -bv .*.c .*.h

    Generating Database ...

  2. Next you need to set the path to the cscope executible inside vim:

    se csprg=C:\tools\bin\csope.exe

  3. Then add the path (properly escaped) to your cscope database:

    cs add C:\tools\src\

  4. Now you should be able to use cscope just fine.

Note that I used vim 7.3.470 from the Cream site and my cscope is the native Win32 version hosted at Google code.

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It didn't work for me at step 3 until I removed the trailing backslash. "cs add C:\tools\src" – evpo Nov 14 '14 at 7:18
Found this page again and now only ":cs add c:\tools\src\scope.out" worked. – evpo May 6 '15 at 0:25

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