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Possible Duplicate:
Debug VS Release in .net

We send out releases almost weekly due to changes and bug fixes in our software.

Granted, that is problem not he best practice but I have a question about the builds.

Most of the builds are being left as Debug when built and then to the client.

What repercussions is/will this cause? Will the program act differently if it is sent in debug mode?

I know there should be proper procedures for sending out releases but our company doesn't work in that reality. I'm trying to set up proper procedures for our customers getting releases so that less bugs go out to them.

Anyhow, any input, theories, or links would be appreciate.

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So many variations of this question have been asked already, many times, so it would probably do you better just to search SO for Debug vs. Release mode. – George Johnston Mar 14 '12 at 19:36
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Basically code compiled in debug mode will sometimes run slower (since it is not optimized), be bigger and contain information which would help alot if somebody wants to decompile/hack/change your code...

In some rare cases it might even behave differently...

Some interesting links:

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Thank you for the info! – ErocM Mar 14 '12 at 19:46

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