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Querying of certain events on Facebook using FQL returns OAuthException: An unknown error.

Here is an example of a Facebook event query that will return such a result: SELECT venue.id FROM event WHERE eid = 256040074473355 (Click Here To Test Query Using Facebook's Graph Explorer).

Knowing which events this will happen to is impossible to do programatically until you run into this exception. Related defects have been opened on Facebook's (rather useless) bug tracker (Click Here For An Example) and as expected, there is essentially no acknowledgement of this issue.

And, yes, I have user_events & friends_events permissions, etc.., etc..

Does anyone know what's going on and why?

UPDATE (as of March 25, 2012): Simply adding AND location to the end of the query will get it to work (Click Here To Test Query Using Facebook's Graph Explorer). Not quite sure why this works but it does the job for the time being. I'll reserve adding this as an Answer until there is a real (ie: non-hack) solution.

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