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I'm learning Scala, and as an assignment I have to use folding to generate a list of Int's:

// Generate list of integers by applying f to b until it returns None
def unfold(b: Int, f: Int => Option[(Int, Int)]): IntList = {
  f(b) match {
    case None => Nil()
    case Some((x, y)) => Cons(x,unfold(y, f))

This unfold is working just fine, but now I have to write a fromUntil, and honestly I'm completely lost with what to do?? So I just started randomly, but this isn't working at all. Some help would be appreciated!

// generate the list of integers from i until j
def fromUntil(i: Int, j: Int): IntList = {
    unfold(i, (x: Int) =>if(x < j) Some((j, j - 1)) else None)


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As it's an homework, I don't give you a complete answer but only some clues:

  1. The hardest part of your work is to define what must be the f function in fromUntil
  2. look at how unfold is implemented. Especially the non-terminating case. Where does that ycame from, when was it computed?
  3. Can you define f from what you have oserved?
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You're on the right track:

  1. Check that fromUntil is syntactically correct - you have some extra braces
  2. Because it's "from until" the sequence should keep increasing.
  3. y within unfold should keep growing with each call

Keep going, try to see what happens if you call fromUntil(1,1), then what happens if you call fromUntil(1,2) and so on. You're almost there.

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