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I am a c++ games programmer and have been creating games at a commercial level for the past year. The game engine my company use currently has no functionality to show video (SWF,AVI, ETC..) within the game. The engine uses OpenGL and we want to migrate over to a DirectX based engine, so I have put a design together to create on. The engine doesn't need to have huge functionality as its only 2D. I have the design set out for the standard parts of the engine but I was wandering if you know the best means of adding this kind of functionality into an engine. I have looked around and DirectShow sounds like it could do the trick. Do you know and good resources for learning how to use it. Or if that's the wrong approach, what other means could this be done.

Thanks a lot, All the best,


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Since you are using DirectX I'll assume you are only targeting Windows. Though, which version of Windows do you want to support (Win8, Win7, Vista)? Also which set of DX APIs are you targeting (DX 9, 10, 11)? And lastly what DX feature level are you looking to support? – Unknown1987 Mar 15 '12 at 16:45
We will be targetting Windows XP with DX 9. The Main features we will need is sprites, images, timers, sounds, input and then the video playback functionality. Everything needed apart from the video playback is covered in "Advanced 2D games programming" so thats all cool. Just the video playback im trying to plan out. – Martin Smith Mar 16 '12 at 9:03
I don't have very much experience with DirectShow, but that appears to be the old school way of doing things. Media Foundation appears to be the future. You may even need to do a hybrid solution if you want to support Win8 Metro requirements. – Unknown1987 Mar 16 '12 at 23:24

Here is a link to have a look at that might help you out.

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