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I am a beginner of mod_wsgi. I just want to develop basic handler application to Apache. Here is my simple test.wsgi code. Apache localhost calls this wsgi first.

def application(environ,start_response):

 if (environ["PATH_INFO"]=="/"):

  start_response('200 OK', [])

  return ['It works'] 


  path = environ["SERVER_NAME"] + environ["PATH_INFO"] 

  start_response("303 See Other", [('location', path)]) 

  return [path]

But the main problem is localhost redirects too many times. Please help me to solve this problem? Is there any possible way? I want to develop simple handler application which analyzes environ[query_string].

Many thanks, Zoloo

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for the correct way to go about reconstructing the URL for use in redirects etc.

Better still, go use a micro framework like Flask. If you are new to this stuff trying to use WSGI at its most basic level is a bad idea. Use a system which does all this stuff for you properly.

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