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I am trying to bind a filtered csv file to a datatable. I use a Linq query to find selected fields (originaly from checkboxes). Then I am using a foreach loop to load the query to a datadatbale. Lastly bind to a gridview.

The problem I am having is carrying the column headings into a Gridview. When I used ADO I could inherit the the first row with the headings.

With the following Linq code, I have to list each column. There are over 200 fields and it causes me to do more data cleanup. Is there a way to do this without having to list each field? Thanks

            var FilterDetail = from FilterDetailTable in dTable10.AsEnumerable()
                               from filters in dTableFilters.AsEnumerable()
                               where (filters.Field<string>("FilterParm") ==  FilterDetailTable.Field<string>("Status"))
                               select FilterDetailTable;

            foreach (var FilterDetailTable2 in FilterDetail)
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Did you enable auto generate columns on the grid?

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I found my problem. I needed to add the columns before I did the foreach loop. Sorry I missed that. Thanks for your fast response. –  user977645 Mar 14 '12 at 20:35

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