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Sorry in advance if this is similar to other questions, but I've been searching far and wide for ages now and I'm going insane. These are probably a ridiculous few questions but please bare with me and any help will be greatly appreciated as this is for my Final Year Project.

I am creating an Android app that allows users to share images and videos as well as browse other users uploads. I also have a web application for database admin purposes (part of the project). I wanted to use restful web services to get data in JSON form from my database to the Android phone.

  1. Do I have to use a Tomcat server for my web app? I was deploying the web app on Glassfish but I cannot connect the android app. I can't use localhost as the IP and is Tomcat. What IP should I use?

  2. If I have to use Tomcat can you PLEASE tell me where I can find a good tutorial on getting RESTFul Services to work in NetBeans with Tomcat. I have tried a few and nothing is working.

Thanks in advance, hopefully someone out there can help.

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You can use whichever server you want, Android doesn't care (and most likley doesn't even check). If you can't connect, get your networking stuff right... –  Mef Mar 14 '12 at 20:53
Thanks for that Mef. I checked the networking side and that was it. I just spent so much time getting no where that I started to think like that. Seems ridiculous to me now. Thanks again. –  BennyLava Mar 15 '12 at 1:46

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I use https://appharbor.com/ for hosting my WCF RESTful services, since it is not a good idea to host web services locally. The 20MB database limit for a free account is more than enough for academic purposes.

If .NET is not your way to go you can also check out http://www.heroku.com/

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