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Good day,

I have been searching for a way to format output using writeline/write (streamwriter) using RTF tags and wondering if there is a syntax for this, if it exists. I have not been able to find a resource which clearly explains how to "pretty" up output sent to a file.

The reason why I am asking is because I want to "print" results from my program into a file that, at the very least, would be centered, tabbed and even bolded where possible without requiring the user to go and futz with it. I think I saw that Crystal Reports won't work with VB 2010 Express and, quite frankly, just want to create a file with output.

The problem I am having is how I can make output look less like writeline did it (you know, writeliney-ish) and more like someone took the time to make writeline look like it did something awesome.

Here's some code to show you what I'm trying to do:

sw.Write("                    RATE QUOTATION ")
            sw.WriteLine("   ")
            sw.WriteLine("           ")
            sw.WriteLine(mycompanyaddress1 + ControlChars.Tab + "Phone:", companyphone)
            sw.WriteLine(mycompanyaddress3 + ControlChars.Tab + "Fax:", companyfax)
            sw.WriteLine(cityname, stateprovince, zippostal)
            sw.WriteLine("Visit us online at:", websiteaddress)
            sw.WriteLine("    ")
            sw.WriteLine("Quoted by:", contactname + " " + "E-mail:", contactemail)
            sw.Write("Date: ")
            sw.WriteLine(" ")
            sw.WriteLine(("Customer Name:" + "   " + quotename.Text), "Company:" + "   " + quotecompany.Text + " " + "Customer E-mail:" + "   " + quoteemail.Text)
            sw.WriteLine(("Phone:" + "   " + quotephone.Text + ControlChars.Tab + "Fax:" + "   " + quotefax.Text))
            sw.WriteLine("  ")
            sw.WriteLine("Shipment Details:")

Is there a way to control writeline in such a way that you can create an RTF via streamwriter and specify formatting tags, like centering and bold, etc? I'm trying to think of a way so that the RTF header information is created when streamwriter starts it's business and prints what I want out. I don't think there's an elegant way to create a PDF either so I'm kind of opting for old school output for now.

Thanks in advance!

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A StreamWriter is designed simply for writing data to a stream. There is no reason that it should know what RTF is.

If you want to use StreamWriter, you will need to calculate the RTF yourself.

There may be various RTF libraries online that would be helpful. I suggest googling for some.

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Yes, I've seen some libraries but never seen any references to streamwriter. Seen some examples of people writing their own text editor or using a RTF text box but not really writing and formatting output so I'm going to give it a go and try something and let everyone know. I was more concerned that since writeline has a certain syntax that embedding RTF tags might get gnarly and wondered if anyone had tried this yet? I'll do a little experiment later and report what happens. I just find it frustrating that writeline prints things out like it came from 1989 or something lol. – Shawn Mar 15 '12 at 0:13
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As promised, started playing with some code and thought I'd share it, although I'm still trying to figure out why vbNewLine doesn't work. :/

Originally, I was trying to use streamwriter to embed RTF codes, like (\rtf1) and (\b) etc..but these do not work within writeline statements that I tried, such as:

writeline("\b This is in bold \b0")

So by pretending to have a richtext box (rtb), you can create a file that will allow font formatting and other text formatting (albeit still trying to figure out a few things lol), which may be an alternative to streamwriter if you care about how output appears in a file.

Public Class Form1

Private Property richtextbox1 As Object

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    Dim something As String
    Dim somethingelse As String
    Dim butwaittheresstillmore As String

    something = TextBox1.Text
    somethingelse = TextBox2.Text
    butwaittheresstillmore = TextBox3.Text

    Save1.InitialDirectory = "c:\users\shawn\desktop"
    Save1.FileName = " "
    Save1.Filter = " RTF file | *.rtf"

    Dim rtb As New RichTextBox
    rtb.SelectionAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Center
    rtb.Text = something & vbNewLine

    rtb.SelectionAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Left
    rtb.Text = somethingelse + (" another field: ") + butwaittheresstillmore
    rtb.SelectionFont = New Font(New FontFamily("Arial"), 12, FontStyle.Regular,
End Sub

End Class

I wanted to control the font and alignment and this seems to do the trick, although I'm trying to sort out using "tab" position and line feeds. I see that I can align left, center and right. Anyway, I hope this helps someone who might otherwise want a quick way to make a document where they can control the font.


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