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I have the following module, as an example, in IML:

start multiply (x,y);
    product = x*y;
    return product;
finish multiply;

Which I call with:

RUN multiply(2,100); /* outputs 200 */

What I want to know is very simple, how can I assign this as a new variable? In PHP I could do:

function multiply($x,$y){
    $product = $x*$y;
    return $product;

Then do:

$newvar = multiply(2,100);

I need this functionality in SAS. Is it possible?

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I realised that since SAS passes by reference we can pass what we want the output variable as an input parameter of our module. So we can write:

start multiply (x,y,z);
    product = x*y;
    z = product;
finish multiply;

Which I call with:

run multiply(2,100,z);
print z;

Passing by reference, efficient but risky...

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The answer to your original question is to assign the return value to the matrix: Instead of

 RUN multiply(2,100); /* WRONG */

you want

 product = multiply(2,100); 
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