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I implemented a binary search into my program, but for some reason, it completely ignores one of my return statements. The return statement in question is as follows:return array[mid];

When I use Eclipse's debugger, I can watch it enter the if statement, run the return, and then it skips to the following two lines: binarySearch(array, key, low, mid - 1);, return null;.

Any idea as to why that might be happening?

public Entry<K, V> binarySearch(Entry<K,V>[] array, K key, int low, int high) {
    if(low >= high) {
        Entry<K,V> notFound = new EntryNode<K,V>(null, null);
        return notFound;
    } else {
        int mid = (low + high) / 2;
            return array[mid];
        else if(comparator.compare(key, array[mid].getKey()) < 0)
            binarySearch(array, key, low, mid - 1);
            binarySearch(array, key, mid + 1, high);
    }   //End else statement
    return null;
}   //End binarySearch method
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Can you demonstrate this in a short but complete console app? –  Jon Skeet Mar 14 '12 at 22:13

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You need return binarySearch(..) in both places, otherwise it will fall through and return null.

You should be able to remove the return null statement without the compiler telling you the that function does not always return a value.

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That's because you forgot to return the result of the inner binarySearch calls. You thus have

            return array[mid]
        return null
    return null
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